IBM Hard Disk 2.5″ SAS Drive ST9500430SS 9FY246-039 for sale

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IBM Hard Disk 2.5″ SAS Drive ST9500430SS 9FY246-039 9SPxxxxxx for sale – Payam Data Recovery, Australia

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Hard disk drive (HDD) for sale for data recovery purposes.

You will receive both the hard drive and PCB. The hard drive has been tested, erased and is confirmed to be in working condition.


Used, tested. We have thousands of hard drives for sale. Some hard drives are 100% perfect,  some may have read errors/bad sectors that we cannot detect as the SMART status is good. Most of our customers buy this hard drive for the heads or PCB to use as spare parts.

Delivery options:

  • Worldwide delivery by Fedex International Priority Service. We use a Fedex Padded Pak Bubble wrapped envelope with a box inside. We do NOT offer any cheaper service due to items being lost, not delivered and stolen using cheaper methods.
  • Australia wide delivery offered by Australia post express post.
  • Handling/Shipping time is 24 hours from the time you pay until we ship it out. All items are in stock at our lab and R&D facility in Concord, NSW in Australia. We only sell the items we have in stock, all images show the exact HDD you will receive from us.


We only accept Paypal.

Why buy a hard drive for data recovery purposes?

Some of our clients purchase hard drives from us to use the heads or PCB for a spare part to fix an identical hard drive. Some hard drives are very rare. Other clients purchase a hard drive to replace another older hard drive. You may need one of the exact same model or firmware version (e.g for a DVR unit).

Important terms and conditions before you buy:

  • Used hard drive: All hard drives we sell are tested, erased and confirmed to be working. Some may have read errors/bad sectors that we cannot detect as the SMART status is good. If you require one that is 100% perfect for any reason, please send us a message. We can do a head test on all heads inside the drive, using a professional tool like Atola Insight Forensic or Ace Labs PC-3000 to confirm that the drive is 100% perfect. For anybody trying to purchase this for heads or PCB spare parts, some read errors will not be a problem and the parts can be used without any issues.
  • Nothing else is included: No screws, tools, foam or any other parts will be provided. Only a hard drive in an anti-static bag, exactly as shown in this eBay listing and photo.
  • What you see in the photos is what you get: The photo of the HDD shown in this eBay listing is the EXACT same HDD you will receive from us.
  • No refunds for any reason: This HDD has been tested and is guaranteed to be 100% working (some drives we sell have some bad sectors/read errors), we have a no return policy/no refund under any circumstances. All sales are final.
  • Customs Tax, it’s your job to pay it, not ours: If your country charges any tax, import tax, customs tax – you will need to pay for this. We will declare the REAL value of the item you pay for, if you need to pay tax, you will need to pay it. We will not pay the import/customs tax for you. We will state the items are ‘Hard disk drive printed circuit board – used/2nd hand’ and put the real value of the item including excluding the delivery amount you paid.
  • Do you have questions about compatible parts? Do your own research, no refunds if you buy the wrong HDD for spare parts.

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Model Number

Part Number

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